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On two levels, “we” have found code: deep within DNA spanning simple virii to complex cetaceans (and humans who just think they are special), which might imply directed panspermia; and deep within the mathematics of theoretical physics, that points towards some form of intentionality.

The DNA paper is here:


And the physics paper is here:


Note that both of these are by researchers with their “feet firmly on the ground”; and not by New Age Hucksters spewing psychobabble and/or pseudo-science to impress the impressionable and sell books or seminars.

Do you sense the profundity of what these imply? That you, I, we, are neither accidental, nor random?


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In praise of studying the Art of Massage

“I do hold a special place in my heart for those who endeavor to make the world a better place one body/psyche at a time.”

Think of it this way: while we, as human beings or human becomings have considerable innate potential, we also do need to learn many a “how to”. We are hardwired to connect on many levels, and, occupying mammalian bodies, we have a need for touch that is probably as essential as food, air, water, shelter. This ability to connect and touch can be enhanced through training at a good massage school.

Think of it this way also: if you are in the economic strata where you have massages on a regular or semi-regular basis, for the cost of maybe 20 massages you can train and learn, during which you will give and receive more than 20 massages. An investment with almost zero downside. Not necessarily as a career, althought it could be, but as a life enhancing experience.

Think of this also: Greatly enhanced relationship; deeper, more pleasurable connection. Obvious?

What makes a good massage school? Your instinct will tell you. How do you pick one? Your instinct. Do you feel comfortable? Is the vibe right? Is the story coherent? You can tell when an instructor is “present” physically and emotionally. Almost anybody can teach technique, but it is a rare and special facilitator who can show how to truly be present, which starts by them being there.

On the flip side, do the facilities or facilitators engage in manipulative emotional practices (including ones under the guise of “process”) as part of the studies? Beware of any kind of power trips, particularly involving groupthink. The understanding of boundaries is important, and a school needs to respect them on all levels. There is a distinction between sensual and sexual, and understanding the appropriateness of such is important. Again, do the facilitators teach this by example and is the place/space one where it is safe and comfortable but not rigidly uptight? The ones that are rigid and uptight are often the ones hiding their shadows in a different way from the blatant or flamboyant ones. True of life in general.

For a beginner, I would recommend that there is a pace of 2 or 3 class days a week that is what one can assimilate, beyond which various forms of overwhelm and fatigue do set in. As enticing as month long intensives at exotic locations may sound, really that is better for advanced studies.

Back to being present. That is really it. Holding the space and being there. Once basic techniques, routines, sub-routines are assimilated, that is the “secret”. Being present with a conscious touch. Like water through a streambed. Once you “get it”, you are on your way. It will change your life for the better. You will know you have arrived when you consider a massage table to be an essential piece of furniture.

PS: Massage oil: Almond oil with a few drops of Clary Sage per ounce is nice. However, do try Bindi Massage Oil at least once.

PPS: Music: of course do try 33 Bowls Tibetan Singing Bowls. Numerous healing practitioners of various modalities say that their clients love 33 Bowls as background music, that it enhances the healing process.

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The now traditional annual talk with Michele Meiche Awakenings Blog Talk Radio in two parts:

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Music From The Hearts Of Space

This year, 33 Bowls Tibetan Singing Bowls is part of Program 973: Sounding The Deep.

Music From The Hearts Of Space has been producing broadcasts and podcasts of Deep Contemplative Music, Ambient with Soul, Spacemusic, for decades; in their own way contributing to a slightly saner world. The history of HOS, the considerable depth, thought, and feeling that goes into each show is here.

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Life is just a Bowl full of Cherries.Or is it a Chair full of Bowls?
Listen. Music of these bowls is here.

Life is just a Bowl full of Cherries.

Or is it a Chair full of Bowls?

Listen. Music of these bowls is here.


Neurobiology shows that there is a crossover between head and body; the Left Brain correlates with the Right Side or Wing, and the Right Brain correlates with the Left Wing or Side.

A key to health is integration of the left/right characteristics, but in a non integrated or dis-integrated brain, particularly under stress or duress, the Left Brain falls back to rigidity, and the Right Brain falls back to chaos.

Not surprisingly, this correlates with Right and Left politics. To paint a broad swath at the risk of being reductionistic, the essence is that The Right Wingers want top down, rule based, rigid control; and are terrified of uncertainty and change. By the Book. Just following orders. Law and Order. The Left Wingers (who are actually in their Right Brain) are not terrified of change but tend to be a bit disorganized. Idealists. Will Rogers: “I’m not a member of any organized political party…I’m a Democrat”.

There is a healthier way of integration where the sum is much greater than the parts; neither chaotic nor rigid reactions, but with flexible, current, present, adaptable, compassionate responses. That’s what responsible means. Response-able.



Required reading about the balance of Nature:



Survey: What do you think about a simplistic, reductionistic mindset?

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The protoplasmic host of 33 Bowls: Guest on Awakenings Michele Meiche Blog Talk Radio, 6/15/11

Part 1 Coherence, Hype, and the Unseen

Did I Say That?

The protoplasmic host of 33 Bowls: Guest on Awakenings Michele Meiche Blog Talk Radio, 6/15/11

Part 1 Coherence, Hype, and the Unseen

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Part 2 The Story of the Great Laughing Master

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Part 3 Presence, Breath, Mindfulness, Archetypes, the illusion of Control

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Part 4 Perceptions, Projections, Filters, Integration, the illusion of Separation

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